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Git Tricks

The bright side

Git is a great  SCM / VCS, but sometimes it can be scary: unless you start keep trace of those useful commands which can save your day!


If your git knowledge is a little on the beginner side you might start with the following tutorials:


Ever needed to get back to a clean repo to apply a quick fix while you are in the middle of something and plenty of changes waiting to be committed?


The default fast-forward merge strategy is not always the most advice-able with regards to your repo history tree:

git merge ff.gif

Often a non fast-forward merge strategy generates an easier to follow history tree:

git merge no-ff

Condensed status

Git status is quite…

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Othermill Pro – Plastic

The bright side

It’s a couple of months now the Othermill Pro is beautifully sitting on my desk and after having milled a few PCBs and showed off with my family and friends I feel dauntless enough to try something new.

I’ve got a small selection of end-mills and I didn’t want to break them all straight away with some tough material, so I opted for creating something out of plastic: a few key tags with a name on it could have done the job and milling a softer material should have be painless, right?

Sadly, I couldn’t have been wronger! As you can see from the result shown below, plastic has this unpleasant desire to melt when thermally stressed… As any other newbie I’m in a learning process.

image Looking at the outer border it should be clear the end mill was going clockwise and melting begun at 2 o’clock.

When milling plastic you must…

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Zeirus's Blog

Auguro un felice e sereno Natale a tutti i lettori del blog…

Auguri di Buon Natale!!! 🙂

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