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Ritengo sia una delle “clonazioni” più interessanti ed utili create negli ultimi anni. L’Asustek ha letteralmente “trasposto” la funzionalità motoria del Wii Remote nel suo Eee Stick. Da oggi anche noi possessori di PC potremo “manovrare” questi due accessori al posto della tastiera e del mouse (anche se nella press release menziona preferibilmente l’EeePC come personal computer di destinazione, siamo fiduciosi per una completa “universalità” della periferica). Sicuramente ci sarà una crescita esponenziale di “adozioni” da parte di applicazioni che non siano obbligatoriamente giochi (tipo programmi di grafica 3D per fare modellazione ed animazioni… Non oso immaginare il connubio fra Blender e l’EeeStick… ad esempio per eseguire il “motion capture” di una Light Saber in tempo reale… Fantastico!)

Il prezzo ancora non è stato pubblicato, ma si suppone venga annoverato nella fascia dei 40/50 euro (anche paragonato al costo di un Wii remote sostituito).


Asus Eee Stick - Il "clone" più interessante degli ultimi anni! 🙂

Fonte/Source: Asus Press Release

ASUS Puts New Twist on PC Gaming with First-of-its-kind Wireless Controller

Plug and Play Eee Stick Translates User´s Hand Motions into Corresponding Movements Onscreen

Taipei, Taiwan, August 5, 2008 – ASUS, a leading company in the new digital era that revolutionized personal computing with the Eee PC™, today unveiled another world´s first – the Eee Stick, an easy-to-use yet highly versatile Plug and Play wireless controller for the PC platform that translates users´ physical hand motions into corresponding movements onscreen. Bearing the product tagline “Get into the swing of gaming”, the Eee Stick´s promise to its users is simple:

  • Easy Plug and Play
  • Excellent 3D Remote
  • Exciting Gaming Enjoyment

The Eee Stick will be bundled exclusively with certain models of the Eee PC™ and the Eee Box, along with a collection of games developed or adapted specifically for use with it.

Ideal for Entertainment On-the-go and at Home
When used in conjunction with the supremely mobile Eee PC™, the highly portable Eee Stick is perfect for gaming on-the-go. It is equally suitable for gaming and other multimedia entertainment applications at home, when used with the Eee Box, Eee PC™ or any other PC.

Extended Playtime and Long Broadcast Range
The Eee Stick comprises an Activation stick, a Navigation stick and a 2.4GHz RF dongle. Even though vibration-capable, both ergonomic sticks consume very little power, providing up to a lengthy three days (72 hours) of continuous play on two AA batteries per stick. The 2.4GHz RF dongle has a long broadcast range of 10m and does not impose any specific placement and orientation restrictions, ensuring that the Eee Stick controllers remain responsive even with they are not pointing directly at the dongle – thus allowing users to engage in the full breadth of physical movement without any fear of disconnection.

Hassle-free Setup
As with every product in the Eee family, the Eee Stick is designed to be as user-friendly as possible. As such, the setup process is exceedingly simple:

  1. Plug the RF dongle into one of the Eee PC™´s USB ports.
  2. Hold the power buttons on both the Activation and Navigation sticks for five seconds.

Once the lights on the dongle and sticks are lit, the pairing process is complete and the Eee Stick will be ready to use without further configuration.

Broad Compatibility
With its HID connectivity, the Eee Stick can theoretically be used with all PCs. It will, however, function best with games specially developed for it. A number of such games will be bundled with each Eee Stick. The Eee Stick also works seamlessly with other PC gaming peripherals such as gamepads and keypads, enabling users to mix and match devices to yield their own unique playstyle.


Activation stick Navigation stick USB dongle
Game key x 7 Game key x 4 LED x 1
Mode switch x 1 Joystick x 1 Binding key x 1
LED x 2 LED x 2 USB 2.0 interface
8-way 3D motions 8-way 3D motions Wireless 2.4GHz
Vibration-capable Vibration-capable Effective range: 10m
Weight: 112g including batteries Weight: 114g including batteries
Fully-programmable keys Fully-programmable keys
Power: AA battery x 2 Power: AA battery x 2
Available in White Available in White

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  1. 1 Jean 7 agosto 2008 alle 10:28

    lo vedrei bene anche come telecomando di un media center

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